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How to Opt Out of Getting Yellow Pages in Australia

February 2nd

Every year they drop the yellow pages on my doorstep and every year I’m filled with bitter disappointment for the sheer volume of waste this bygone era of information delivery has wrought on the world.

Human Universals - A List of Human Stuff

December 15th

Donald E Brown, an American anthropologist and scholar, took the time a few decades ago to compile a list of things that all human races appear to have in common. I remember finding this list online a few years ago and pouring over it.

One of the topics that has always interested me is the question of what it means to be human. This list doesn’t answer that question and these things are not uniquely human, but we do appear to share them across disparate cultures. The modern office worker and the Eastern Eurpean cave man’s commonality is documented here, and it’s wonderful.


Sean O’Donnell (My father), portrait by Ryan O’Donnell (My brother)

September 7th

Here is a wonderful portrait of my father, Sean, taken by my youngest brother Ryan O’Donnell. Be sure to check out his FlickR stream at which shows some really strong portrait work.. although my favorite shots in his stream are some remarkably “violent” coloured photos of beetroot!

Ryan is a talented young man, an artist, musician and thespian!

Dylan's Father, Sean.

Dylan's Father Sean

Ryan, Dylan's brother.

Ryan, Dylan's brother.