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Running a Business in Byron Bay

December 7th

So I know it must seem like I’ve been pretty quiet. I used to give you guys the excuse that I had to study, but now my masters is finished I’ve no such excuse. I can say however that behind the scenes I had spent some time in negotiations for my business, DNA Digital a local australian web design company.

Rather than explain it, I’ll just link the Northern Star’s reporting of it. (Click Here to Read “Couple Weave’s Own Web” from Northern Star Newspaper) There was an official press release you can find on the DNA Digital site too. The only things I’d clarify is that I’ve been in business for 10 years, not 2 and Your Name was not a “rival”, but run by a great colleague and peer of mine.

Suffice to say running the business from Byron Bay this last year has been excellent. Mostly because of the food. I must have put on 4 kilos. Such GOOD food mere footsteps from my office is a dangerous thing to my health. No packed lunch for me. I often walk on the beach before, during or after work and love that clients are all too happy to drop in when they are on holiday. I think I see them even more regularly now than I used to!

I’m going to try and write more often. Even if it’s just interesting tidbits here and there, and not necessarily rambling discourses. Take it easy!

Masters of Information Technology - CSU

March 7th

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m not ignoring you, at least not on purpose. Though I’d love to be out taking photos, making art, recording music and generally sharing content with you I thought I should let you know I’ve started my Masters of Information Technology at CSU. Because of my industry experience I have been awarded a good deal of credit and so am roughly halfway through the course already! That is an offer I could not turn down, and am pursuing this level of education for the moment.

Naturally this is rather technical, and sometimes dry, stuff so I have created a new blog which deals solely with my current research topic - The iPhone. Since I bought my iPhone I’ve been downright besotted with the thing. Yes, I’m one of *those* people now… twittering on the go, toucing, pinching and swiping my new friend which comes with me everywhere. So I’ve decided to turn an otherwise unhealthy obsession into a research project with the aim of learning Objective C and iPhone Application development. Granted I won’t be the greatest coder in a few months, but I’d like to learn more about the device I’ve taken to so fondly. What better way than to get under the bonnet.

I don’t expect any of Deography’s regular readers will be much interested but if you are head over to the new blog Iphone 3g Development. I suspect it will be more active than Deography over the next little while but I will try to post when I can!

Liveblogging Soundwave

February 21st

Hi all, today I’ll be live blogging the soundwave festival in Brisbane. Catch the feed from my twitter at

Festival Heads : Map of Australian Festivals

February 8th

I had an idea a while back that I’ve been recently trying realize on the web. The idea was to have a searchable google map of all the great outdoor music festivals in Australia. I’ve created a mechanics of the thing at Festival Heads - Australian Outdoor Music Festivals and am slowly working to add in all the extra functionality.

I’d like to see a text list of all the upcoming festivals and maybe try to build a community around it. I’m not really looking to make any money out of if, but just thought it would be a nice looking map when populated with all the dates and venues. I have some little issues to work out but mostly it’s all working well. Check it out and let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Festival Heads - Australian Outdoor Music Festivals

The Early Festival Heads BETA

The Early Festival Heads BETA

Top Ten Top Ten Lists of 2008!

December 20th

High Fidelity (2000)A trend that reached it’s peak in 2008, the top ten list has dominated mindshare all year. A clever tactic, some note, for reproducing website content from elsewhere and presenting it in a new contextual light for the audience to debate about in the comments. Not since Duchamp’s Fountain has anyone so successfully thrown new perspective onto someone else’s mediocrity and come away with seemingly original content.

So without further ado, I’d like to present 2008’s Ten most popular top 10 lists!

10. Top Ten Angry Television Reporter Moments Caught on Tape
Ahh theres nothing more satisfying than watching the cool, calm and collected facades of television news reporters reach breaking point, only to reveal their true unfiltered id.

9. Top Ten Harmless Geek Pranks
Lifehacker, who feature multiple times in the top ten top ten lists of 2008, brings us this funny, albiet niche list of pranks to tickle the funnybone of most nerds, and only entrench their dork stigma in the eyes of others who will roll their eyes with disdain.

8. Top Ten Signs you Drank too much (PICS)
Drunk pictures are aplenty on the internet, so thank the lord jesus someone had the creative nous to sieve the best ten of them for us so we don’t have to.

7. Top Ten Banned Books
TIME magazine reminds us just how edgy and objective they are by providing us with a list of the top ten books that were banned for our sensitive, innocent eyes. Ohh La La!

6. Top Ten WTF US Sex Laws
Proving both that diggers love a post with sex and irony, the top ten WTF US Sex Laws reminds us that just because the law says it’s so, doesn’t mean it should be. Viva the Revolution.

5. Top Ten Obscure Google Search Tricks
Lifehacker come to the top ten party again to show us a heap of great advanced tips for stalking your ex online, or um, doing research for your university thesis.

4. Top Ten Bittorrent Tools and Tricks
Lifehacker AGAIN proves their geek cred with the gentle advocation of the most popular piracy technology with their top ten list of super tips for squeezing the most out of your torrents.

3. Top Ten Products Only A Douchbag Would Buy (PICS)
Someone is making money on the internet, it’s not you and it’s for a range of product you weren’t smart enough to think of to tap the growing douche market.

2. Top Ten Wrongly Placed Products
Failure is a popular theme in the top ten top ten list for 2008, and this list of visual faux pas is no exception.

1. Top Ten Reasons Why Kanye West is a Douche
The undisputed champion top ten list, striking a chord across all demographics was mamapop’s Top Ten Reasons Kayne West deserves the DOUCHE status we all so intuitively bestow on the man. Congratulations Kanye, and Mamapop, you are the #1 top ten list for 2008 and by golly - you deserve it!