Trains Comin / Sirius & Canopus

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'Trains Comin / Sirius & Canopus'

Trains Comin / Sirius & Canopus

[Public Domain] 22 Dec 2014 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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There’s so much going on in this photo. There’s me off to the left, like a kind of cameo in my own astrophoto. There’s the satellite darting out from the patchy clouds high up in the earths orbit. There’s the subtle play between the white spectrum and sodium streetlights illuminating the rusty train tracks. And the point of light at the apex of the single point perspective that looks like a train but is really a hippy couple that passed me on their journey into the darkness. I assume they were looking for somewhere to have sex and were not expecting a photographer on the tracks, but felt the need to continue the charade that they were actually exploring the abandoned rail for as long as I was there. I was lucky to capture the single glint of their torch as they pointed it back towards me to see if I was.

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