ISS crosses the Sun, and other little victories!

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'ISS crosses the Sun, and other little victories!'

Date: 6th Apr 2016

ISS crosses the Sun, and other little victories!

[Public Domain] 6 Apr 2016 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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This is an inverted high-speed video capture of the International Space Station crossing the disc of the sun today as seen from my location in Byron Bay. It’s actually captured in black and white, but most people prefer to see the sun in orange even though it’s actually white.

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I’d like to quickly apologise to everyone who subscribed to my photoblog up to 10 years ago (one of the longest running blogs in internet history) only to find that in the last 2 years it’s become increasingly space-focused. I began taking photos of birds, and somehow we’ve ended up here, taking photos of deep space. But 10 years is a long time and I’ve really enjoyed specialising like this. There will be regular landscapes, nature and portraits again no doubt.

But since I’m posting, here’s another bunch of recent images that I share on social media but don’t end up with their own posts here for whatever reason. I’ve recently built a small backyard observatory so my output has increased quite a lot, but I’m not going to bombard you with daily updates of every little image I create. So here’s a quick blast of the minutia. Click to enlarge :

Widefield image of the “Sombrero Galaxy”.

The view from my observatory on a night of very clear seeing!

A relatively successful image of Jupiter and it’s “Great Red Spot”.

A shadow, and double shadow transit with some of Jupiter’s moons.

“Thors Helmet” nebula, the first thing I imaged from the new observatory.

I’ve been working on a great new astrophoto over several nights and hope to get the Sombrero (M104) a lot larger too.

Until next time!

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Here is some of the gear this photo was made with. Click for info