Pinnacles Desert, Galatic Core

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'Pinnacles Desert, Galatic Core'

Pinnacles Desert, Galatic Core

[Public Domain] 3 Aug 2015 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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I spent at least 8 hours in the Pinnacles Desert (Western Australia) today and tonight scouting and shooting, and it was truly incredible. If you live in Perth, do yourself a favour and go there at night. I watched the sun set over the ocean while standing on a limestone bluff, and the glorious milky way come into view before the full moon rose and illuminated everything. It’s an astrophotographers dream.

This photo is a stack of 5 30s exposures (Nebulosity) @ f2.8 ISO 3200 Tokina 11-16mm, HDR and colour adjustments in PixInsight, then foreground masking and levels in Photoshop.I think it’s my most detailed Milky Way shot to date. More from this desert session to come.

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