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Protestors Falls Bushwalk

September 28th

Once we got to Terania Creek camp ground, a short drive from The Channon, we weren’t entirely sure where the track to the falls began. A few Lace Monitors (Goannas) darted about the area. We asked a man who was sitting at a table with a girl there in a wooden gazebo type structure to point us in the right direction. He led us back up the road we’d driven to get there to a small boardwalk which would take us on our way.

But not before summarising his life and situation for us. “I’ve got golden staph!” he admitted to us. I made eye contact with Anna and Paul who already began to give the man a wide berth. “And cancer.” he continued “See? Look at these sores!” as he lifted up his pant leg to reveal a pale, withered leg. His clothes weren’t in great shape either. “I’ve been trying to get to Brisbane hospital cos they won’t take me at Lismore. So I’ve been living here for a while. I’d try for Brisbane but I can’t afford the fuel. I’m really just waiting for the ranger to kick me out. ” At this point I realized this strange mans eye weren’t quite straight, and his teeth were severely distorted. “Basically I’m just waiting to die” he said, matter-of-factly. “Oh hey! Will you be around tonight? Cos there’s something really special I can show you. Mushrooms! But not just any mushrooms, these one’s glow in the dark!”

I must say, I was intrigued and had I not feared contracting some kind of disease from this odd character, I may have considered sticking around. I made a mental note about glowing mushrooms in September at terania creek camping ground and Paul, Anna and I set off for the falls. Here are a couple of the less gallery-worthy photos I’ll just keep here in the blog. (That’s what it’s for!) You can find some more photos of the falls I’ve taken here, here and here.

Anna takes in the serenity.

Anna takes in the serenity.

The view from behind the falls!

The view from behind the falls!

Anna and Paul enjoying the serenity.

Anna and Paul enjoying the serenity.

A Lace Monitor flees paparazzi.

A Lace Monitor flees paparazzi.

Blogging from patches beach with the wordpress iphone app

September 28th

It’s over 26 degrees with a slight northerly and I’m typing this from my towel on the sand at patches beach. This stretch of beach between Evans head and the ballina wall is long and featureless so is a favorite for locals and horse riders making the most of the long white expanse.

I’m starting to become familiar, through local knowledge and tips, with the tide and the wind to predict the good days for fishing, surfing or swimming. Todays northerly is generally not welcome as the sea is churned up and has the potential for jellyfish to be blown down from warmer waters.

Ok back to my *research* … Signing off from my spot in the sun, Dylan.

Kate Grealy - Qalandari Dub Gypsies

September 24th

I was listening to John Safran and Father Bob JJJ podcast the other night when right at the end I heard the voice of my old pal Kate Grealy as she was interviewed briefly for “Religious song of the week”. I didn’t think Kate was very religious but I do know she has worked closely with the Muslim community and her latest collaboration “Qalandari Dub Gypsies” is inspired by ancient poets and theology.

Her sultry voice, usually suited to Jazz styles, is here fused with middle eastern drones generated by an Apple Macintosh with a generous helping of filter sweeps and reverberating feedback which gives it a really “Portishead” kind of backing sound. The electronic beats are not overpowering or detracting at all and the production is really quite good. Songs from the new EP “The Last Quater” are available to download from her website and

“The Empty Quarter was formed by Melbourne based musicians Rasheeda Cooper, Kate Grealy, Pete Emptage and Mark Pedersen. All share a love of world music and mystical poets and decided to bring their influences together to create new sounds.

Rasheeda is a classical pianist and tabla player, Kate a folk singer-songwriter, and Mark an electronic musician who together create a distinctive, ethereal sound anchored by Pete Emptage’s soulfull electric bass, and Meg Heywood-Dodsworth’s folk -inspired violin and voice.”

Review of “Avatar” - Byron Bay Steiner School

September 20th

Anna and I went to check out this internet themed play and it was a fun night. I don’t think I’ve seen a school play since.. well since I was at school probably. As the lights dimmed the narrator asked the audience to please turn their phones off “including iPhones, yes I mean you in the stripy shirt”, singling me out! Well it takes a nerd to know a nerd and there were plenty of nerdy references throughout the night to make me happy. The play’s premise was that the protagonist, a young girl, is literally sucked into her computer and into “the internet”.

Firefox and Safari were both introduced early, but to my surprise the writers chose to portray safari as a slow, featureless and incompatible browser compared to firefox (portrayed as a quick, spam free, racey girl in a “foxy” red dress). Hopefully they can check out my browser speed results sometime!

In the intermission as the lights came on the audience chuckled at a possum who had climbed down to prime viewing position in front of the projected visuals. It was a fitting contrast to the technical themes in the production.

What surprised me though, especially as macs (and safari) featured throughout the play, was that the students set “Google” as an omniscient voice and evil overlord of the internet. In many regards they portrayed “him” as being the internet itself, and when google was ultimately destroyed the internet unravelled. Further, a central helping and lovable character was an aging windows 95 computer.

It was interesting to see this youthful perspective on the internet and google *being* the internet. I guess it must really seem that way to a younger generation. I was also most appreciative of the other visual gags throughout the play that referenced spam, porn sites, geeks in chat rooms, terms and conditions, html code and other themes close to my heart. It was also just great to get out and see a live, local performance even at a high school level. I must remember to see more theatre.

Good Job Byron Bay Rudolf Steiner School!

Byron Bay Students Anthropomorphize The Internet for School Play!

September 17th

How cool is this? Local Byron students are putting on a play this weekend where they become “characters” such as Firefox and Safari (pictured). I hope I can catch it, if I do I’ll update with a review.

Firefox and Safari - Characters in AVATAR.

Firefox and Safari - Characters in AVATAR.


(Source - The Northern Star)

AVATAR - Where Alice in Wonderland meets Cyberspace- is a multimedia experience featuring drama, dance, dance, photography, film and visual design.

The production has been created by Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner Schools’s Year 11 Drama, Media and Design students in its entirety. Avatar is intended for ages 13 years and up, a great experience for the family.

Avatar is a play that reveals the, so far uncovered, inner workings of the cyberspace through the notion of it being an existent physical manifestation.

The play immerses it’s audience in the world of the internet, telling the story of one who manages to be “sucked in” to this virtual reality.

A bored young girl is unexpectedly pulled into a world that is completely different to anything she has ever dreamt of when surfing the net.

She is confused with identity issues and homesickness when she must learn to exist in this new world of hyperlinks and computerized people on her own. This is a world that she only ever thought of contacting through cartoons and Myspace, a world only for looking at. Never did she guess that people existed and maneuvered  through it.

Throughout this play the audience will find themselves unexpectedly affiliating with the protagonist and even some of the virtual characters as they are taken on a journey of mixed genres and abstract experience.

The result is an exciting original piece that explores areas of modern life only lightly touched on before.

Avatar - Alice in Wonderland meets cyberspace will be presented at 7pm on Friday September 19th, and Saturday, September 20th at the Mullumbimby Drill Hall.

For further information contact Delaney Crawley or Simon Richardson on 66847400 or 0401 235 588.