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Moldy Bible

November 28th

Australians - Please Help Save the Internet

November 26th

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the Rudd government. On this issue however, I am strongly opposed. The government want to filter our internet, in two tiers. As someone who has worked in the ISP sector for almost a decade I am aware of the impact this will have on our already backwards infrastructure. It will place an undue burden on all internet service providers and this will undoubtedly fall to the consumer to pay for. The internet is only as fast as it’s weakest link, and the weakest link will be the filters. Furthermore any kind of proxy server creates all manner of issues as cached content (and DNS) can be a troubleshooting nightmare for a number of applications.

All of this aside however, is the ideological fallacy that the filter is there to protect us from ourselves. It is foolish to believe that an internet filter will save us from pedophiles, terrorists and bad taste. All these things will exist regardless and the population will pay the price, as usual, to live in a society that is not as free as the ideology it purports to defend.

Australia already lacks constitutional freedom of speech. Our government has already made regular websites VANISH because it didn’t agree with the authors political view. Is that the kind of democracy we are meant to believe in?

I don’t want your money, or your active support. I just want your acknowledgement that you disagree with the proposed legislation that will firewall our country’s internet access, much like China and other totalitarian governments. It will take 10 seconds to sign the petition at GetUp with your name, email and postcode.

Please help.

I’d like to sing you a song.

November 24th

Meteor caught on Film!

November 23rd

It’s not often an astronomical event like this is caught on film, so it’s lucky this police car video camera got such an amazing piece of footage.

“Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada. Filmed about 5:30pm Thursday November 20th 2008″

Deography News

November 21st

Hello Dear Reader,

As you can probably tell, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to you guys and taking some time to clean up around here, and actually post some new content (photos, music, designs) when I get a chance. It’s been really great to see so many returning visitors and hear your kind comments.

Anyway just briefly wanted to say thankyou, and also let you know one of my images was posted at one of my daily RSS favorites, Abduzeedo one of the most popular design blogs in the world. As a photographer, it was really flattering to be posted amongst so many talented designers work so check it out! It’s a great site with lots of daily “inspiration”.

You may have noticed the new “mobile upload” image at the top of the page. This is a separate little gallery made up of photos I’m currently taking on my iphone. The really nifty thing is that I post them from my iPhone mere moments after taking the photo. For the nerds out there, I email the picture to an address I’ve set to pipe to a shell script with strips the MIME info out of the email, converts it to a file and moves it into the gallery folder where bolGallery does the rest. So basically, that gallery is “real time” and you get the photo as it happens! This also means you get to see the larger photo before I do, having just taken and emailed it!

Finally, I’ve also added a “submit” address in case anyone wants to send me anything of interest for this little blog.

Thats enough from me… carry on!