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The Official Note Trainer Promo / Demo Video

April 29th

Note Trainer - iPhone Application (I made!)

April 26th

So the main reason I’ve been ignoring my friends, my blog, my family and my music is because I’ve been nerding out learning mega nerdy new stuff for my Masters of IT I’m studying. It’s SO nerdy I had to wear my extra large glasses while I submitted my application to the app store. I reckon it made an impression though because it’s in iTunes right now, and they are selling like hotcakes that have been laced with cocaine! Apple cocaine hotcakes. I expect I will retire shortly off the amazing revenue so don’t expect a phone call, I’ll always remember the little people, I just won’t associate with them when I can help it.

Note Trainer is a virtual piano that asks you to play random notes and measures the speed at which you can play them.

You can download it from iTunes (iTunes Link) and I’ve added a permanent page here for the application. If anyone has any feature suggestions or comments about the app please leave them in the comments!


April 21st

The Privacy You Know

April 1st

Personal privacy is a casualty of our time. Some privacy is taken from us forcibly. In the name of security we are ordered to submit our records, our bodies, our associations and our biographies to institutions who want us to feel safer for it - but can’t guarantee that security or even quantify the efficacy of their actions.

Other privacy is surrendered voluntarily to our communities (and therefore everyone) via our social connectivity. Who would have thought that the very sites that sacrifice the privacy we cling to in the name of civil liberty, are so popular they have reshaped the internet as we know it. Blogger, Wordpress, Myspace, facebook, twitter, Linked In et al expose our personal privacy in a way hitherto unknown before. Younger users I suspect are growing up with no sense of what privacy used to be, but dispense it happily leaving the rest of us wondering what all the fuss was about.

So between the privacy that is taken, and the privacy we give away - what is left over? Our humanity appears in tact so far, and the contestants of televisions Big Brother didn’t slowly die like rats in a laboratory experiment gone wrong. In the middle is our privacy of mind, of thought. As our physical and social privacy melts away we are left only with the shelter of our personal counsel. I suspect one day that too will be threatened, and perhaps in some future dystopia we can have our thoughts, fantasies and id screened for any content that could be refused classification or for personal weakness or anxieties.

In this sense perhaps our compulsion to share ourselves so willingly online is not a sacrifice of privacy at all, but rather it’s the opportunity to express our private thoughts publicly in any way we choose to determine. Maybe social networking actually protects our privacy by allowing us to control it.