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Byron Bay - Sharks, Rips and Prawns

January 24th

What an eventful week in the bay. I don’t even need to resort to pithy editorial about the lifestyle-rich, wage-poor region for your reading pleasure, instead here are 3 juicy news morsels for you.

Tragedy this week in Ballina on the South beach, just over the wall. A man jumped into the surf to rescue his wife who had been caught in a rip which ultimately claimed them both, their children helpless on the shore. The community has been left shocked, and reminded of the dangers of powerful ocean which should never be taken for granted. National news media and local collections have been set up to raise some money for the now orphaned children.

In other news, a 3m white pointer was spotted yesterday at Watego’s beach (near the lighthouse) closing the beach temporarily. Sharks are common around Julian Rocks, a popular diving spot off the bay and attacks are rare, but it’s always good to be cautious on such a popular beach!

Finally I just wanted to repost Will Anderson’s recent tweet about the sad end to Ballina’s Big Prawn. He (she?) will be missed greatly. The prawn that is, not Will Anderson.

@Wil_Anderson: News: Ballina’s Big Prawn to be demolished. As a tribute they should throw away the head and the tail first…

Lily Allen Spotted Shopping At Byron Bay

January 18th

Lily Allen on Tour 2010

Lily Allen on Tour 2010

Ooo look at me, talking about celebrity sightings in Byron Bay! I feel like Perez Hilton, except less gay. So Twitter was all aflutter this afternoon after @sportsgirl comfirmed that Lily had been shopping at their Byron Bay store today (18th Jan 2010) and apparently buying up big. Lily Allen is in town of course before she embarks on a national circuit with the Big Day Out festival.

Marina Amphetamine - The Campaign Palace TV AD for Bonds

January 6th

I put this snippet from ABC’s Mediawatch online 2 years ago, and it was removed by You Tube after a copyright complaint from “The Campaign Palace” a large Australian advertising firm responsible for the Bonds TV Ad. I didn’t think much more about it until I saw that my You Tube account was being threatened with suspension over it.

So I did what 99% of people don’t do… I wrote a counter response to You Tube arguing that in fact ABC’s Mediawatch is the copyright holder (not the Campaign Palace) and that they, and I were using the footage as part of fair use, in this case as criticism.

Again, I forgot about it until I received an email in my mailbox yesterday saying You Tube agreed with me and have re-instated the video! A great day for internet copy-fighters! Enjoy “Marina Amphetamine”.