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Byron Bay named #1 Travel Destination by Europeans

May 10th

Turns out our European friends on the other side of the planet think highly of our little town! They certainly get around too, I end up chatting with people from all over europe every weekend. Hit Trip Advisor for the full Top 25 list.

Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins Joining Byron Bay Property Market

May 7th

(sourceĀ The Daily Telegraph)

JENNIFER Hawkins has combined a surf holiday in Byron Bay with a schedule of property inspections as she moves to expand her impressive property portfolio.

The canny investor and her boyfriend Jake Wall spent a few days in Byron looking at fixer-uppers with a view to acquiring not one but two homes in the area.

The plan, as we hear it, is to buy the older houses and put Wall, a builder, to work renovating them.

Hawkins’ agent Sean Anderson confirmed the Myer model’s trip and her plans to grow her real estate portfolio.

The new purchases are believed to take Hawkins’ net worth to between $10 and $12 million and is a credit not only to her, but to the team of financial advisers she has in place to help her prepare for the career winter that may follow her eventual retirement from modelling.

The former Miss Universe, now 26, is aware that when a career is built on your physical attributes, there is the very real possibility the work may start to dry up by the time you reach 30.

As a result, Hawkins has been acquiring properties - five now in total - after making some shrewd purchases in 2008-09 during the economic downturn.

Her property portfolio is currently valued at close to $5 million - coincidentally the value of her current contract with Myer, inked last year.

At last count it included three houses in Newcastle, an apartment in Kings Cross and her home in Coogee, last valued at $2.3 million.

She was looking at other properties in Bondi prior to Christmas, but has now moved her focus north.

Last week she and the buff Wall went body-boarding at Byron and were photographed strolling the streets of the township together.

Last night Hawkins was back in the big smoke, stepping out at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week to take in her first show, Nicola Finetti’s collection.