About Deography (FAQ)

What camera do you use?
Just a Canon 300D with the kit lens, a 75-300mm for wildlife and a 50mm prime lens usually used for reverse macro shots. I also use the WASIA hacked firmware and several cheap tripods that make me look really legit.

Can I use the photos for anything?
All these images are licensed under under the conditions of attribution and noncommercial use as described by the Creative Commons License. See creativecommons.org for more information.

Ever since google images indexed the site (many months after the regular google database) I’ve had a number of photos turning up as wallpapers on websites or generally linked from other places. All my photos are free to use so please feel free, but I would appreciate if you could copy the image to your server instead of using my bandwidth and just stick my name or website address near it. I chose to license the photos as [Creative Commons] and love to see the images being used. Thankyou to everyone who stuck a credit on their site. (All one of you.)

Linking / Do you have a button?

Sure here is the code :

<a href=”http://deography.com”><img border=”0″ alt=”Deography” /> src=http://deography.com/images/deography.jpg></a>