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Byron Bay, Wategos Sunset Phallus

December 11th

From the prehistoric cave walls, to ancient roman graffiti, to modern art and culture.. is there nowhere on earth that isn’t improved with the addition of an impromptu phallus, complete with vein lines and pubic scribbles?

Running a Business in Byron Bay

December 7th

So I know it must seem like I’ve been pretty quiet. I used to give you guys the excuse that I had to study, but now my masters is finished I’ve no such excuse. I can say however that behind the scenes I had spent some time in negotiations for my business, DNA Digital a local australian web design company.

Rather than explain it, I’ll just link the Northern Star’s reporting of it. (Click Here to Read “Couple Weave’s Own Web” from Northern Star Newspaper) There was an official press release you can find on the DNA Digital site too. The only things I’d clarify is that I’ve been in business for 10 years, not 2 and Your Name was not a “rival”, but run by a great colleague and peer of mine.

Suffice to say running the business from Byron Bay this last year has been excellent. Mostly because of the food. I must have put on 4 kilos. Such GOOD food mere footsteps from my office is a dangerous thing to my health. No packed lunch for me. I often walk on the beach before, during or after work and love that clients are all too happy to drop in when they are on holiday. I think I see them even more regularly now than I used to!

I’m going to try and write more often. Even if it’s just interesting tidbits here and there, and not necessarily rambling discourses. Take it easy!

Life as a Nerd in Byron Bay

October 25th

I started this post, with a glass of red wine. With several in fact, to be honest. That is how all great monologues begin; uninhibited and well… ranty. My operating system’s spell checker tells me that ranty isn’t a word. Well, I think you know what I mean anyway, so screw you operating system.

I’ve always been a self confessed nerd. There’s no use hiding it. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve used the internet to bolster my knowledge of sport or mechanics. I just don’t care enough to pull it off in conversation. And despite the ongoing debate about nature vs nurture, I hold the opinion that no amount of environmental support would have made me any better at kicking a football towards it’s intended destination. Instead of feigning authority… I simply fess up to being a nerd, incapable of regular social intercourse. It’s not you, it’s me. Honest.

Living in Byron Bay, Australia, hippy capital of Australia, puts me in a peculiar position. On the one hand I have the pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo that comes from the new-age “spiritual” posse of the area and on the other there is the ultra-cool surfy demographic willing to throw themselves into the indiscriminate ocean in pursuit of a water based ride. Not to demean either group, which I hold in high enough regard, but I just can’t do it. I like the idea of both of course - free love and spiritual transcendence or the physically and socially rewarding surf culture both sound like perfectly edifying pursuits but I just don’t have the grapes for either. I’ve often mused that if God exists, why did he endow me with such a critical, skeptical epistemological view as to render himself non-existent? Or why if I’m so envious of the “cool” sporty types while I find more gratification in the intellectual pursuits of technology and philosophy than football and water sports.

To make matters worse, I’ve been endowed with the arrogant failure of my internal editor. Without a sense of “taboo”, I’ll happily engage my peers in conversations about politics, religion and sex where they’d rather discuss the weather, sport and local gossip. Who cares about such inane topics? Why do we fritter away our time of such inconsequential lines of inquiry? Perhaps I’ll never know, so instead I’ll probably continue to offend, rebuke and challenge my conversational partners in such exchanges. I’d rather be offended than bored. Wouldn’t you? Life’s too short to talk about the weather. Unless you are a meteorologist, in which case I’d love to pick your brains about the science.

Unfortunately I’ve imbued enough liquor to make all attempts at conclusion futile. It seemed such a good idea at the beginning, to start typing. And spellcheck certainly gives the illusion of some semblance of sobriety, but this is not the case. So instead I’ll stop here and post. I think I’m drunk enough to do that, though I may regret it later.

Good night.

Targa Restaurant, Byron Bay - Review

September 19th

Ben Musu and his partner Sarah have been going from strength to strength having successfully owned and operated renowned coffee hotspot Bayleaf Cafe, the newly prestigious St Elmo bar and now Targa in the new building corner of Marvell and Middleton street.

While St Elmo aims for the “high end” of the market with it’s service, style and well.. pricing, Targa manages to maintaing the former without being too hard on the latter.

I decided to go last friday, it’s opening weekend, and tried the Ossobucco Veal dish and a hearty glass of Italian wine (the name of which escapes me now). My companions got stuck into the Chick Pea pasta and the Sirloin, both of which were by all accounts apparently excellent. Now I don’t know whether it was the wine, but the veal was amazing. Rich italian flavours and stylings I’m unfamiliar with and that impressed me greatly.

The corner building is small, and the full house crowd meant we had to raise our voices to have a conversation, but I’m not sure if this was an opening night phenomena, or will be the tone in general. Either way, it was a nice vibe, just not the right time / place for a deep and meaningful discussion with my fellows.

So far, Targa has been a busy place since it’s opened with positive reviews from the locals. I’m booking a table next weekend.

RC Quadrocopter Footage over Byron Bay Surf Break

July 27th

Just had to post this rad vision from “” of surfers at Broken Head, Byron Bay.

Quadrocopter Video Piloting - Surfing - Byron Bay Australia from on Vimeo.

Surf action on Saturday 10/7/10 at Broken Head, Byron Bay, Australia

Broken Head is the right hand point break at the southern end of Tallow Beach. It is a world class, sand bottom, long right hand wave.

The swell was up, but the rides were not particularly long.