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Note Trainer - iPhone Application (I made!)

April 26th

So the main reason I’ve been ignoring my friends, my blog, my family and my music is because I’ve been nerding out learning mega nerdy new stuff for my Masters of IT I’m studying. It’s SO nerdy I had to wear my extra large glasses while I submitted my application to the app store. I reckon it made an impression though because it’s in iTunes right now, and they are selling like hotcakes that have been laced with cocaine! Apple cocaine hotcakes. I expect I will retire shortly off the amazing revenue so don’t expect a phone call, I’ll always remember the little people, I just won’t associate with them when I can help it.

Note Trainer is a virtual piano that asks you to play random notes and measures the speed at which you can play them.

You can download it from iTunes (iTunes Link) and I’ve added a permanent page here for the application. If anyone has any feature suggestions or comments about the app please leave them in the comments!

Masters of Information Technology - CSU

March 7th

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m not ignoring you, at least not on purpose. Though I’d love to be out taking photos, making art, recording music and generally sharing content with you I thought I should let you know I’ve started my Masters of Information Technology at CSU. Because of my industry experience I have been awarded a good deal of credit and so am roughly halfway through the course already! That is an offer I could not turn down, and am pursuing this level of education for the moment.

Naturally this is rather technical, and sometimes dry, stuff so I have created a new blog which deals solely with my current research topic - The iPhone. Since I bought my iPhone I’ve been downright besotted with the thing. Yes, I’m one of *those* people now… twittering on the go, toucing, pinching and swiping my new friend which comes with me everywhere. So I’ve decided to turn an otherwise unhealthy obsession into a research project with the aim of learning Objective C and iPhone Application development. Granted I won’t be the greatest coder in a few months, but I’d like to learn more about the device I’ve taken to so fondly. What better way than to get under the bonnet.

I don’t expect any of Deography’s regular readers will be much interested but if you are head over to the new blog Iphone 3g Development. I suspect it will be more active than Deography over the next little while but I will try to post when I can!

Deography News

November 21st

Hello Dear Reader,

As you can probably tell, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to you guys and taking some time to clean up around here, and actually post some new content (photos, music, designs) when I get a chance. It’s been really great to see so many returning visitors and hear your kind comments.

Anyway just briefly wanted to say thankyou, and also let you know one of my images was posted at one of my daily RSS favorites, Abduzeedo one of the most popular design blogs in the world. As a photographer, it was really flattering to be posted amongst so many talented designers work so check it out! It’s a great site with lots of daily “inspiration”.

You may have noticed the new “mobile upload” image at the top of the page. This is a separate little gallery made up of photos I’m currently taking on my iphone. The really nifty thing is that I post them from my iPhone mere moments after taking the photo. For the nerds out there, I email the picture to an address I’ve set to pipe to a shell script with strips the MIME info out of the email, converts it to a file and moves it into the gallery folder where bolGallery does the rest. So basically, that gallery is “real time” and you get the photo as it happens! This also means you get to see the larger photo before I do, having just taken and emailed it!

Finally, I’ve also added a “submit” address in case anyone wants to send me anything of interest for this little blog.

Thats enough from me… carry on!

Blogging from patches beach with the wordpress iphone app

September 28th

It’s over 26 degrees with a slight northerly and I’m typing this from my towel on the sand at patches beach. This stretch of beach between Evans head and the ballina wall is long and featureless so is a favorite for locals and horse riders making the most of the long white expanse.

I’m starting to become familiar, through local knowledge and tips, with the tide and the wind to predict the good days for fishing, surfing or swimming. Todays northerly is generally not welcome as the sea is churned up and has the potential for jellyfish to be blown down from warmer waters.

Ok back to my *research* … Signing off from my spot in the sun, Dylan.