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Kate Grealy - Qalandari Dub Gypsies

September 24th

I was listening to John Safran and Father Bob JJJ podcast the other night when right at the end I heard the voice of my old pal Kate Grealy as she was interviewed briefly for “Religious song of the week”. I didn’t think Kate was very religious but I do know she has worked closely with the Muslim community and her latest collaboration “Qalandari Dub Gypsies” is inspired by ancient poets and theology.

Her sultry voice, usually suited to Jazz styles, is here fused with middle eastern drones generated by an Apple Macintosh with a generous helping of filter sweeps and reverberating feedback which gives it a really “Portishead” kind of backing sound. The electronic beats are not overpowering or detracting at all and the production is really quite good. Songs from the new EP “The Last Quater” are available to download from her website and

“The Empty Quarter was formed by Melbourne based musicians Rasheeda Cooper, Kate Grealy, Pete Emptage and Mark Pedersen. All share a love of world music and mystical poets and decided to bring their influences together to create new sounds.

Rasheeda is a classical pianist and tabla player, Kate a folk singer-songwriter, and Mark an electronic musician who together create a distinctive, ethereal sound anchored by Pete Emptage’s soulfull electric bass, and Meg Heywood-Dodsworth’s folk -inspired violin and voice.”