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The Official Note Trainer Promo / Demo Video

April 29th

Note Trainer - iPhone Application (I made!)

April 26th

So the main reason I’ve been ignoring my friends, my blog, my family and my music is because I’ve been nerding out learning mega nerdy new stuff for my Masters of IT I’m studying. It’s SO nerdy I had to wear my extra large glasses while I submitted my application to the app store. I reckon it made an impression though because it’s in iTunes right now, and they are selling like hotcakes that have been laced with cocaine! Apple cocaine hotcakes. I expect I will retire shortly off the amazing revenue so don’t expect a phone call, I’ll always remember the little people, I just won’t associate with them when I can help it.

Note Trainer is a virtual piano that asks you to play random notes and measures the speed at which you can play them.

You can download it from iTunes (iTunes Link) and I’ve added a permanent page here for the application. If anyone has any feature suggestions or comments about the app please leave them in the comments!