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Byron Bay Students Anthropomorphize The Internet for School Play!

September 17th

How cool is this? Local Byron students are putting on a play this weekend where they become “characters” such as Firefox and Safari (pictured). I hope I can catch it, if I do I’ll update with a review.

Firefox and Safari - Characters in AVATAR.

Firefox and Safari - Characters in AVATAR.


(Source - The Northern Star)

AVATAR - Where Alice in Wonderland meets Cyberspace- is a multimedia experience featuring drama, dance, dance, photography, film and visual design.

The production has been created by Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner Schools’s Year 11 Drama, Media and Design students in its entirety. Avatar is intended for ages 13 years and up, a great experience for the family.

Avatar is a play that reveals the, so far uncovered, inner workings of the cyberspace through the notion of it being an existent physical manifestation.

The play immerses it’s audience in the world of the internet, telling the story of one who manages to be “sucked in” to this virtual reality.

A bored young girl is unexpectedly pulled into a world that is completely different to anything she has ever dreamt of when surfing the net.

She is confused with identity issues and homesickness when she must learn to exist in this new world of hyperlinks and computerized people on her own. This is a world that she only ever thought of contacting through cartoons and Myspace, a world only for looking at. Never did she guess that people existed and maneuvered  through it.

Throughout this play the audience will find themselves unexpectedly affiliating with the protagonist and even some of the virtual characters as they are taken on a journey of mixed genres and abstract experience.

The result is an exciting original piece that explores areas of modern life only lightly touched on before.

Avatar - Alice in Wonderland meets cyberspace will be presented at 7pm on Friday September 19th, and Saturday, September 20th at the Mullumbimby Drill Hall.

For further information contact Delaney Crawley or Simon Richardson on 66847400 or 0401 235 588.