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Webkit Nightly now faster than Google Chrome?

September 15th

Well I just put 6 major browsers (sorry opera users) through their paces with Andrew Hedges real world Javascript Test and the results were pretty interesting with Webkit Nightly’s latest build coming out on top. I believe they have just replaced the very recent Squirrel Fish Java engine with Google’s open source V8 but I can’t find any solid information about this.. is squirrel fish outpacing V8?? Other results put google chrome in front.

Webkit Nightly has been pretty unstable for the last week but its rock solid again today. Check out these results :

#1 Webkit Nightly   -   0.23 seconds
#2 Google Chrome  -  0.27 seconds
#3 Safari                 - 0.33 seconds
#4 Firefox 3 (WIN)   - 0.47 seconds
#5 IE8 BETA             - 0.80 seconds
#6 Firefox 3 (MAC)  - 0.98 seconds