Unidentified - Ocybadistes walkeri?

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'Unidentified - Ocybadistes walkeri?'

Unidentified - Ocybadistes walkeri?

[Public Domain] 4 Mar 2005 Dylan O'Donnell
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It took me a little while to get this guy identified, but after staring and comparing hundreds of ”skippers” I’ve decided that I am 99.9 percent sure of it. The size and coloring matches perfectly. However, I’m going to have to verify this simply because the distribution in the field guide is around the northern NSW coast and QLD whereas I saw this guy (pretty sure its male too) 400kms southeast, in the botanic gardens in Albury. I’ll update the photo if the verdict changes.


Well the photo ended up in Michael Braby’s inbox (!) and he says : I believe that the two photos are of an Ocybadistes species. The specimen is a female. The most likely candidate is O. walkeri (which is common in the area) but I can

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