True Colour Great Carina Nebula

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'True Colour Great Carina Nebula'

True Colour Great Carina Nebula

[Public Domain] 16 May 2015 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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This is 2+ hours of 180s exposures over 2 nights using my 9.25″ SCT Telescope + QHY12 One Shot Colour CCD camera. In processing this, I’ve tried to draw out the details with respect to the natural colour of this MASSIVE southern hemisphere nebula.

You can tell a photo like this has been “over-photoshopped” if you can’t see distinct orange and blue stars. If you can see orange and blue stars (and the photographer hasn’t “painted” them back in using photoshop) then the colours of the rest of the photo are real and not enhanced artificially into unrealistic hues.

This photo is now PUBLIC DOMAIN and copyright free.

 Download Full Resolution (1920x1249) 1455KB