'Helix Nebula'

Helix Nebula

[Public Domain] 25 Aug 2023 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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There is no more indisputable proof that god exists than the Helix nebula. This giant eye ball in the sky is looking right at you ALWAYS, except when it sets over the horizon for most of the day/night. It’s a reminder that Jesus is constantly watching you. He knows your browser history and he wants to help you clear your cache of sin before his dad ramps up the destruction from mere floods to making the sun explode and wiping out the entire solar system. Which is actually what is happening in this photo.

Helix Nebula
Celestron C11″ F7 / 1960mm
QHYCCD 294M Camera
SW EQ8Rh-Pro
Processed as Ha-HaOO
78 x 10m Hydrogen Alpha
48 x 10m Oxygen[III]
Total 21 hours exposure

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