SH2-279 - Orion's Little Brother

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'SH2-279 - Orion's Little Brother'

SH2-279 - Orion's Little Brother

[Public Domain] 24 Jan 2023 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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SH2-279 is the Luke Hemsworth of star forming nebulae. Overshadowed by his famous brother sitting in close proximity, most cameras are turned to Orion’s direction instead of Luke’s. When the cameras are pointed in his direction, people realise he’s actually an excellent actor and deserving of individual contemplation.

This is a test image of the “Running Man” nebula from the newly refurbished and reconfigured Byron Bay Observatory and has numerous little issues, but I jacked the processing sliders up to unholy amounts just to get something done before the next break in the clouds. Processed as HaHaBB with no green channel at all, processing for a natural colour balance was challenging but not impossible.

28 x 3m Ha
10 x 30m Blue
QHY268M Camera
EQ8-Rh Pro Mount
C11 EHD Telescope @ F7 / 1960mm
Total Integration, almost 2 hours.

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