Carina Nebula in Hubble Palette (Rasa 8 First Light)

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'Carina Nebula in Hubble Palette (Rasa 8 First Light)'

Carina Nebula in Hubble Palette (Rasa 8 First Light)

[Public Domain] 7 Mar 2019 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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The clouds parted and I was able to snatch the Carina nebula in mono/narrowband in 74 mins of total integration time! An incredible telescope with an incredible target – couldn’t go wrong really.

Technical Details

Celestron RASA 8 with ZWO1600mm cooled (-15c)

~25 Ha @ 60s
~25 Oiii @ 60s
~25 Sii @ 60s

(PixInsight) Dark frame calibration on each channel, star alignment with drizzle, stacking, drizzle stacking, star mask and morphological reduction on Ha layer.
(Photoshop) RGB Combined each layer to Hubble Space Telescope palette then used colour layer as a blend layer over Ha detail layer. Resized, smart sharpen in PS.

Full review on this telescope and the behind the scenes for acquiring this image via my YouTube :


EPIC high res, native resolution result : Download Dylan’s Carina

 Download Full Resolution (2048x1529) 4665KB