NGC6188 Fighting Dragons of Ara

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'NGC6188 Fighting Dragons of Ara'

NGC6188 Fighting Dragons of Ara

[Public Domain] 6 May 2019 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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I know I’ve said this before but this may be my best photo to date. NGC 6188 is a massive nebula whose edges are rarely in frame but the Celestron RASA 8″ field of view really captured the outer waves of hydrogen spectacularly. This is a Southern Hemisphere target and certainly one of the most photogenic regions we have. The ‘dragons’ common name is fitting I think as it feels like it could be on the cover of a fantasy novel, and probably timely with the current last few episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ airing right now!

I highly encourage you to check out the high resolution version on a big monitor if you can.

Technical details :
Celestron RASA 8″ / ZWO 1600mm
40 x 60s Hydrogen Alpha
20 x 120s Sulphur II
20 x 120s Oxygen III
Combined as HaOHS
Total integration time : 2 hours.

This image is also coupled with a workflow video, the details for which are here:

 Download Full Resolution (2048x1534) 4480KB

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