Rainbow Rosette - Caldwell 50 (Hubble Palette SHO)

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'Rainbow Rosette - Caldwell 50 (Hubble Palette SHO)'

Rainbow Rosette - Caldwell 50 (Hubble Palette SHO)

[Public Domain] 3 Mar 2020 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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Well it finally stopped raining for a few seconds and even though the moon was out I had to take the opportunity to spend some quality time with my favourite piece of motorised metal and glass, the Celestron RASA 8″ telescope.

This quick (like really quick, 63 minutes total) image took 2 nights as MOST of the data had to be thrown in the garbage for various reasons but I was still really happy to integrate a narrowband Hubble Palette colour image without it looking completely green or brown. I demonstrate the process to get this “rainbow” feeling to your SHO images on my latest video :

Celestron 8″ RASA
Baader F2 Highspeed Filter
ZWO 1600mm Cooled CMOS Camera
CGX Mount
17 x 90s Ha
15 x 90s OIII
10 x 90s SII
Total 63 minutes integration

 Download Full Resolution (2048x1442) 3603KB

Here is some of the gear this photo was made with. Click for info