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Fixing something that wasn’t broken… Deography finally gets a real update!

August 31st

Yes I know it’s a bit of a surprise! There was a lot I liked about the old site that I too will miss, but introduced a good deal of new features to try and make up for this so hear me out! I’m hoping the new framework will allow me to share more of myself in the way of my design posts, music, video and general raving and ranting via this monologue. You can even leave comments currently, though I’m not sure how I feel about that. Let’s see how we go ;)

The main updates include -

  • All new white design!
  • A blog area on the home page
  • My Facebook Updates in the header
  • Gallery Categories added to the front page
  • Medium sized pictures will now be sharp in IE6
  • View count bug *finally* fixed
  • Lightbox image display 
  • Recent Exif bug fixed
  • Links Updated and added to front page
  • Less Ads!
  • Separate RSS feeds for Blog and Gallery
  • CSS / W3C validated 

The iPhone and I…

August 25th

The 3G iPhone camera isn’t great, but it’s on me all the time unlike the DSLR I use for the main gallery and I’ve been using it like a regular “happy snap” camera which is a little new for me. I’ve managed to setup the new site in such a way as to be able upload posts and photos on the road via the iPhone … all of which I find rather novel.

In time I’d like to try geo-tagging some of my photos in the main gallery. I know the iPhone meta data has Long/Lat embedded in the EXIF but it gets stripped when the iPhone resizes the image before sending. Apparently it’s not a shortcoming of the iPhone itself but the core image framework itself that the iPhone uses. Hopefully they get it sorted out, because those two little tags could spawn some great applications if they weren’t stripped during the resize. 

Anyway stay tuned for more mobile uploads!  


August 24th

The new design of has begun! This is a test of the blog posting via iPhone … Seems to work well!