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Liveblogging Soundwave

February 21st

Hi all, today I’ll be live blogging the soundwave festival in Brisbane. Catch the feed from my twitter at

Charles Darwin, You Would Be So Proud!

February 12th

You would be so proud of us. If you were here today you could see that we have totally vindicated you and your theories. Even the pope reckons you were onto something after all. Check it out, we pushed the environment to it’s upper limits and it was amazing, all these species died, and some bloomed into plague proportions. It was just like you said!

Now we have amazing advances in our understanding of genetics and DNA all thanks to your original insights. Our mind-bogglingly huge intellectual advances make your little notebooks look kind of feeble by comparison but we still couldn’t have done it without you. Generally speaking we haven’t actually quite brought back genetically extinct species, or solved the issues of overly successfully plants and animals but it’s not for trying! We so totally could do it if we wanted to.

What’s really great though is that we’ve imagined that idea’s can travel like genes, and we call them memes. You see it’s just like your theory of genes, except instead of the genes being carried by species, we postulate ideas, culture, concepts and feelings are carried by us humans. You’d be amazed! There is this one meme where it’s dangerous to tell children about your theory of evolution. There’s this other one where homosexuals make the sky god so angry he makes us fly planes into each others buildings to show his disappointment. My personal favorite is this meme where we use our massive international computer network to send each other photos of domestic cats with poorly spelled captions. It’s so funny! I don’t know how these memes work, but they sure are something.

We’ve come so far Chuck, you would be so proud.

The Triumph and Tragedy of Being Human.

February 9th

The human animal has suffered greatly at hands of nature and each other and yet as our species matures we’ve developed a social cohesion unparalleled in the rest of the animal world. I don’t say that lightly, for there is little difference between homo sapiens and all manner of other life on earth but some things are undeniably human. Our increased socialisation is one of those things. Long gone are the days where small nomadic tribes or families wandered the plains of Africa. The times of disconnected towns and villages or colonial exploration of an unmapped world are over.

With this connection, comes great responsibility though perhaps we didn’t see it coming when Edison’s light bulbs illuminated lower Manhattan with the first power utility in 1882. In the blink of an eye, the wave of industry mechanized us, and wars were brought flickering and animated from the frontline to the movie screen. Radio and television closed the time gap and before long geosynchronous satellites ensured that we were aware of what other humans were doing anywhere on earth. It wasn’t far after that we arrive here, on the internet, connected to each other - always and everywhere. Radio and television closed the time gap and before long geosynchronous satellites ensured that we were aware of what other humans were doing anywhere on earth. It wasn’t far after that we arrive here, on the internet, connected to each other - always and everywhere, whether we’re attending online universities or “checking in” at the coffee house via FourSquare.

This global socialisation has brought with it a series of ethical challenges that, for the most part, have been met. With great kindness the parisian housewife cares in earnest about the fate of the children in a war fought elsewhere. Or the New Zealand student with a deep devotion to the forests of Indonesia. With our sudden awareness comes a profound sense of responsibility. We care about the innocent victims of war as they are no longer out of sight.

It is unsurprising therefore than with our intrinsic physical connection the id of our kind is unearthed, and our darkest and weakest human failures come to bear. As if the burden of the natural world isn’t enough we are faced with the challenge of our own competitive nature, of social inequity, moral depravity and hate. The great irony and foremost challenge of our unity is our inherent dislike for one another, and this is the triumph and tragedy of being human.

Festival Heads : Map of Australian Festivals

February 8th

I had an idea a while back that I’ve been recently trying realize on the web. The idea was to have a searchable google map of all the great outdoor music festivals in Australia. I’ve created a mechanics of the thing at Festival Heads - Australian Outdoor Music Festivals and am slowly working to add in all the extra functionality.

I’d like to see a text list of all the upcoming festivals and maybe try to build a community around it. I’m not really looking to make any money out of if, but just thought it would be a nice looking map when populated with all the dates and venues. I have some little issues to work out but mostly it’s all working well. Check it out and let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Festival Heads - Australian Outdoor Music Festivals

The Early Festival Heads BETA

The Early Festival Heads BETA

The Life of Christ in Cats

February 4th

The Life Story of Jesus,gloriously captured in cats by internationally reviled Birthday Card artist Antonio Fictitio.Crafted in the finest Armitage Shanks Urinal Grade Porcelain.

It is the greatest story ever told. A man whose life brought joy and hope to the faithful of the world. A man who preached a message of love and peace, and died for all our sins. A man whose Word lives forever in all our hearts. Now, every aspect of that miraculous life, from His lowly birth in a manger, to His agonising death nailed to a cross is whimsically captured in charming feline form, by the artist and cat enthusiast Antonio Fictitio.

Drawing his inspiration from an extremely large gas bill, he ‘purr’-fectly brings this ‘tail’ of inspiration to life and gives ‘paws’ for thought to lovers of cats, plates and Jesus alike.

This plate is not available in the shops. It is exclusive to the Dangleberry Mint and car boot sales all over Britain from mid September. (Viz Comic Issue No.85)