NGC6188 - The Krakken (Nebula)

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'NGC6188 - The Krakken (Nebula)'

NGC6188 - The Krakken (Nebula)

[Public Domain] 20 Jun 2022 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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The recent reprieve from the weather allowed me a few nights to scrape some photons from the sky and zoom into one half of the “Dragons of Ara” region NGC6188 – into just one of the dragons, the cooler, more badass one. Isolated, I realised it looks like a giant squid, or kraken, or Cthulhu which are all as badass as dragons anyway. Processed as Hubble Palette (SHO) but with the green substantially reduced so the nebula and star colours are more natural, but in reality this area is mostly red.

Celestron 11” Edge HD Telescope / F7
QHY268M CMOS Camera
Sky-Watcher EQ8Rh-Pro Mount + NexDome
Processed as Ha-S/Ha/O – (69/17/39 x 300s)
Total Exposure : ~10.4 Hours

 Download Full Resolution (2560x1781) 340KB