NGC 3576 - Statue of Liberty Nebula

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'NGC 3576 - Statue of Liberty Nebula'

NGC 3576 - Statue of Liberty Nebula

[Public Domain] 16 Mar 2021 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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Definitely the best astrophoto I’ve taken in a long time! The “Statue of Liberty” NGC 3576 a star-forming Nebula not far from Carina. A real treasure of the Southern Hemisphere, weirdly named after an American statue from France 😆 .. the massive bump in quality is due to my Celestron C11 telescope being used with the new QHY268M camera riding atop the razor sharp Skywatcher EQ8Rh-pro mount! Narrowband data taken in one night over 2.8hours .. details in behind the scenes video on my YouTube !

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 Download Full Resolution (2048x1362) 3198KB