Intermediate Egret - Ardea intermedia

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'Intermediate Egret - Ardea intermedia'

Intermediate Egret - Ardea intermedia

[Public Domain] 29 Apr 2009 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Species
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I find it hard to tell the difference between medium’s and great so I could be wrong here. It’s such a subjective thing as they are so similar. This guy was sitting on his “ankles” in the backyard today while I was working. They are pretty flighty so I had to creep up behind some bushes commando sniper style to get my clear shot. Though not the same species, it is very similar to the Snowy White Egret featured on the cover of Faith No More’s seminal 1992 Album, Angeldust.

Also, click here for some amazing footage of an Intermediate Egret catching and eating a mouse :

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