The Busiest Part of the Sky - Our Black Hole

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'The Busiest Part of the Sky - Our Black Hole'

The Busiest Part of the Sky - Our Black Hole

[Public Domain] 5 Aug 2019 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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If you’re out at a dark sky in most parts of the world, but particularly the Southern Hemisphere during winter and you look up and around to the brightest, busiest part of the sky – you will be looking here. At the middle of our galaxy, the Milky Way. In this image taken at QLD Astrofest over the weekend using a Canon 6D mkii DSLR with it’s basic 105mm kit lens on a Star Adventurer for tracking, you can see several major emission nebulae, globular clusters, huge swathes of densely packed stars, patches of dense dust and the colourful glow of millions of stars too far away to resolve individually. There’s also a black hole basically smack bang in the middle of this image that all of us are orbiting around right now. It takes 250 million years for us to orbit around this black hole and in that time dinosaurs have come and gone.

16 x 15s
ISO 12800
Stacked in Nebulosity, Star Reduction in PixInsight, Levels in Photoshop CC

 Download Full Resolution (2560x1715) 4228KB

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