NGC 2070 - Tarantula Nebula

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'NGC 2070 - Tarantula Nebula'

NGC 2070 - Tarantula Nebula

[Public Domain] 17 Dec 2021 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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Tarantula is a remarkably large star forming region on the edge of a neighbouring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud. It’s so bright it’s easily visible in binoculars in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s so big that if it were in our galaxy, like the Orion Nebula, it would cast shadows on Earth. Taken over several nights in narrowband as I was competing with the Moon.

Celestron 11″ RASA
QHY268M CMOS Camera
SkyWatcher EQ8Rh-Pro Mount
Baader F2 Filters
42 x 2m Hydrogen Alpha
16 x 2m [OxygenIII]
Combined as HaHaOO
Approx 2 hours total integration time.

 Download Full Resolution (2560x2046) 467KB

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