Apollo 14 "Kitty Hawk" Command Module

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'Apollo 14 "Kitty Hawk" Command Module '

Exposure: 1/30
Aperture: 9
ISO: 8063

Date: 23rd Oct 2014
Camera: NIKON D5100

Apollo 14 "Kitty Hawk" Command Module

[Public Domain] 23 Oct 2014 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography, Manmade
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I took this photo last year at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre. This command module was used to fly 3 astronauts to the Moon and back in 1971. On board were 500 seeds which were then germinated back on earth and are now know as “Moon trees”. They were planted in various places across America and the world.

 Download Full Resolution (1920x1272) 499KB