'M78 Dark Nebula'

M78 Dark Nebula

[Public Domain] 21 Mar 2023 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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If you’re looking at this on a phone, during the day, it probably doesn’t look like much. Do me a favour and turn your screen brightness to 100% for a moment. Unlike the showy, bright emission nebulae, M78 is a dark shroud hiding a pocket of baby starlight reflection deep within it’s dusty womb. Spooky isn’t it?

Celestron 11″ EHD
QHY268M Cooled CMOS Camera
SkyWatcher EQ8Rh-Pro Mount
NexDome Observatory
31 x 180s (Red)
20 x 180s (Green)
38 x 180s (Blue)
Combined as RRGB
Total Integration time : 4.5 hours.

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