M17 Omega Nebula Widefield in Broadband Colour

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'M17 Omega Nebula Widefield in Broadband Colour'

M17 Omega Nebula Widefield in Broadband Colour

[Public Domain] 30 Sep 2019 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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Here I’ve captured the Omega Nebula / M17 over 2 nights using the Celestron RASA 8″ and 2 different cameras to combine as a broadband LRGB image. This simple trick allows me to capture all the colour all at once with a one shot colour RGB camera, then overlay onto a broadband mono image all at once. M17 is shaped a lot like M42 Orion, but seen at a different angle. It’s also about 5000 light years away!

27 x 90s Mono / ZWO1600MM CMOS
38 x 60s RGB / QHY12 CCD

Pixinsight: Dark Frame Calibration, Star Registration, Drizzle Integration, Star Mask, Morphological Transformation, Histogram Transformation, Exported as TIF

Photoshop: Colour Blended RGB layer over Mono layer, Levels adjustments, Saturation, Dust and scratches removal masked for further star reduction.

Total 1 hour & 18.5 minutes

 Download Full Resolution (2807x2807) 7394KB

Here is some of the gear this photo was made with. Click for info