'Space Clouds - M42 Orion'

Space Clouds - M42 Orion

[Public Domain] 24 Dec 2019 Dylan O'Donnell
CATEGORY : Astrophotography
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I’ve been trying to shoot nebula clouds through earth clouds and bushfire smoke and I somehow managed to squeeze this take on M42 Orion through the haze. It’s not perfect but I like it 🙂 As usual, I’m using a Celestron RASA 8” for this nice wide field view. (60 second exposures) .. I also uploaded a behind the scenes video of how I captured and processed this image in 235 easy steps so you can follow at home.https://youtu.be/8XA8eslat7w

(7.5 boring minutes)

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Here is some of the gear this photo was made with. Click for info