Black Eye - Globe Hotel Albury

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'Black Eye - Globe Hotel Albury'

Black Eye - Globe Hotel Albury

[© Copyright] 2 Jun 2005 Dylan O'Donnell
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Despite physical and electronic surveillance security, and a history of violence that includes one murder, the Globe Hotel Albury, can’t seem to shake the patronage of dickhead’s who think that a good night out has to include a violent altercation. In my friend’s case, not only was she on the receiving end of an unprovoked assault, but at the hands of multiple assailants including at least one male. Many solutions have been proposed over time including curfews, increased security, early closing times, however until a cultural shift in attitude is realized violence will continue regardless.

UPDATE – 1/2/2006 : Brian Grenfell, Managing Director of Globe Hotel threatens with legal action.

UPDATE – 30/3/2007 : Globe Hotel refuses entry to patron in photo unless she requests that photo is removed. has obliged patron’s request so you will only be able to see the photo in question at Goolge’s cache – here and the Internet Archive here.

UPDATE – 4/4/2007 : After having spoken to Brian Grenfell today, Managing Director of Globe Hotel, I would like to express my impartiality on the whole issue. I am sure the Globe Hotel has done everything possible as a local business to improve the security and safety issues they have had in the past… you’ll have to ask them. I’m just a photographer. As a supporter of a certain level of civil autonomy for bloggers and journalists I don’t like being to self censor my website, but as a local citizen I believe Globe have done everything in their power to ensure your night out is a perfectly safe one. The Globe Hotel, Albury is not my personal choice for going out in Albury these days so maybe I’m not the best person to comment. Many patrons go there every weekend and have a great time. This is just a little photoblog with little to no influence on the world, its just unfortunate that my google pagerank throws up my site before their own official page.

So have fun and be safe everybody! – Dylan.

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